A Floral Affair: a conversation with JARMAN

A Floral Affair: a conversation with JARMAN

Ivy is a florist by trade and one-half of the boutique flower shop JARMAN, which she opened last year together with her partner Damu. Ahead of GOAT’s partnership with JARMAN, we have a conversation with Ivy about the inspiration behind the name, what draws her to Calgary, and her personal connection with flowers.

GOAT: Could you introduce yourself to us?

IVY: I lived in China for 20 years before moving to Toronto for school. During quarantine, while we were stuck at home, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted a change of pace. We decided to move to Calgary because we love nature and the outdoors. We go camping or hiking almost every week. We really enjoy it here.

GOAT: Where did the name come from?

IVY: The name JARMAN comes from an artist named Derek Jarman. I personally believe he’s one of the greatest artists in the world. He’s a gardener and a director. He takes a lot of good photos and writes poetry. One of the reasons we wanted to use the name was to remember him. We wanted to be someone like him who tended to his garden and made beautiful things.

GOAT: Tell us about your relationship with flowers. What made you end up pursuing it?

IVY: When I was a child, all my friends would play in the mud or with sand. But I remember, playing with grass and little flowers that grow on the road. At that time, I didn’t know what a flower arrangement was, but I just loved putting the flowers together and pretending to sell them.

Flowers are like my friends. People might think being a florist is an easy job, but you have to pay a lot of attention and time to take care of the flowers and know the environment that they like. It’s kind of how you take care of relationships – you need to spend time with each other, and nurture the relationship in different ways to let it grow.

Sometimes, when I get off work and there’s no one at the store – just me and my flowers. During that personal time, it feels as if the flowers are blooming just for me.

GOAT: What is the one thing you’re excited about having JARMAN at GOAT?

IVY: It was so nice meeting Amanda and Richard. We moved to Calgary not too long ago and didn’t know a lot of people here. Firstly, I’m excited that we now have good friends. I’m someone who is afraid to talk to strangers and get nervous. But the team was very nice and accommodating. It feels like old friends.

I’m also glad to find a store that feels like a great match. I know that the people who come here will appreciate the flowers and treat them with care.

GOAT: Did moving to Calgary help you with your art?

IVY: Every time we go outdoors, I get inspired. I learn from nature and see how flowers are put together. I don’t want to just put any flower with any flower. When people get their bouquets, I want them to feel natural and not artificial.

GOAT: One more question – what’s your favourite flower?

IVY: The lotus. In China, lotus flowers grow in the mud. But it looks so pure especially when it blooms.

Shop a selection of bouquets from JARMAN, now available at GOAT.

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