• Richard (he/him)

    Richard’s pursuit to empower others to feel more confident in themselves, even from a very young age, has grown into his calling. He started GOAT with a simple mission: to bring out the best in people, create heartfelt exchanges, and do everything with sincerity.

    Available Tues-Sat

  • Brenda (she/her)

    Brenda has had her eyes set on the beauty industry since she was sixteen and she’s never looked back. She loves getting to know her clients, some of which she has worked with for more than twenty years. She looks forward to the conversations she gets to have with them each time they are in her chair. “If you're new in my chair, you’ll get a lot of questions asked, guaranteed.”

    Available alternating Tuesdays, Wed-Fri, alternating Saturdays

  • Calvin (he/him)

    Calvin has been cutting hair since 1990. His approach when it comes to cutting prioritizes getting you comfortable with the way your hair is, as it is. "Someone once told me that if you do your job right, everybody leaves with a smile on their face – and that’s what I aim to do every day."

    Available Tues-Sat

  • Sabina (she/her)

    If there’s anything that Sabina loves most about working with hair, it’s the chemistry of it all. Specializing in colour and blonding services, she enjoys creating seamless blends and always puts hair integrity first. "I am an advocate for your healthy hair journey, my goal with my clients is to make them feel a million times better than when they came in."

    Available Tues-Thurs, Sat


  • Naznin "Naz" (she/her)

    Naznin’s goal is to make her clients feel like the best version of themselves. She embraces your natural hair texture and enjoys giving her clients styles that suit their lifestyle. “I love giving my clients something that works for their life, and is achievable outside of the salon and not too far from who they are,” she says.

    Available Tues-Wed, Fri-Sat


  • Zxyro (he/him/they)

    If you’re looking for a technical yet artistic approach to your hair, don’t hesitate to ask for Zxyro. His background in art and fashion not only exudes the city’s cosmopolitan-meets-casual vibe but also informs his work as a stylist. “This new season at GOAT allows me to be more creative, return to those roots, and almost fall back in love with the industry all over again.”

    Tuesday - Saturday


    Available for Online Booking (return clients only) 
  • Alison (she/her)

    From her hometown in rural Ireland to her new home in Calgary, Alison’s unique perspective, backed by years of experience in various places, has not only helped her break open her shell but given the skills that she’s applied to her clients. Today, she specializes in textured and coloured hair.

    Available every third Sunday


  • Kayla (she/her)

    New talent / Apprentice


  • Madison (she/her)

    New talent / Apprentice

  • Bradley (he/him)

    The human behind Contra label

  • Kat (she/her)

    The human behind Kat Mok Tattoo

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